Your Super, Duper Lawn Business – What You’ll Need

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Your Super, Duper Lawn Business – What You’ll Need

I’ve broken down the business into 4 levels.

– The neighborhood kid Level.
– The Pick Up Truck Level
– The Small Crew Level
– The Large Crew Level

For the most basic level the neighborhood kid level, you don’t have to be a kid by the way, you’ll want to have 2 the main pieces of equipment. These are the lawnmower and the weed eater. Of course you’ll need to have equipment that is reliable. Sometimes your customers will actually want you to use their equipment. Less wear and tear on yours is good. So take them up on their offer.

The Pick up Truck level is a little more expensive. If you don’t already have a pick up you’re going to be working hard to make a profit if you have to get one. Just like any business there is usually an investment to make at the beginning. Since this is the same as the neighborhood kid level with the exception that you are trying to fit as many lawns in a day as you can you’ll need basically the same equipment, a reliable lawnmower and a weed eater. But, since you have a vehicle you can carry a few more things.

Other items; a blower to clean the sidewalks and driveways, a hedge trimmer to add a little extra to your repertoire and a few extra dollars to your pay, and an edger to trim the edge of the sidewalks or driveways. If you do the full job word of mouth will spread and you’ll have people calling to get you to mow their yard.

The Small Crew Level

If you’re at the small crew level you’ll definitely need all the equipment mentioned in the Pick up truck level. You may want to think about a trailer for this level for the equipment. Reliable Mower, you’ll definitely want at least a self-propelled, mower. To maximize your jobs, probably something more advanced such as riding mower or stand behind with a wide cutting area.

Some other things to think about. Electric is out of the question. You might get away with it on the first 2 levels, plugging in your cord or using a rechargeable battery, but at this level you’ll be using it all day and there aren’t that many customers that will let you plug your accessories in or a battery that will last that long.

– Weed Eater
– Blower
– Hedge Trimmer
– Edger

At this level you’re taking the Pick up truck level to a higher, well.. level. You have someone working at least one or two pieces of equipment and you’re trying to get the job done as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next job and pay everyone’s salary.

The large crew level.

Forget about pushing a mower at this level, you’ll need at least 2 mowers, riding or stand behind platform for this level. If one breaks down you’ll have another to take over. It would be more efficient to have both of each running at the same time. Along with a couple of each of the other pieces ¬†of equipment to use your time most efficiently. You’ll definitely need a trailer to haul all your equipment.

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